Los Angeles Citizen Research Collection mapping platform

HyperCities Construction Kit

Simple demo of an alternative front-end for HyperCities.

Logo for PDUB Productions, a youth media and civic engagement program in historic Filipinotown

PDUB Productions

PDub is an innovative youth media + civic engagement program through which local youth create digital content about LA’s Historic Filipinotown.

A preview for the translated TranquilDragon tweet log.

The Story of Tranquil_Dragon

A collection of tweets from a single eyewitness, Tranquil Dragon, following the March 11th, 2011, Tohoku Earthquake in Japan.

LA research collection logo

The LA Research Collection

A project that brings quantitative GIS data (demographic statistics) together with qualitative storytelling related to LA’s Historic Filipinotown.

Todd Presner, David Sheppard, and Yoh Kawano


Bios for primary authors and “project window” contributors  

Snapshot of the live Hypercities website

HyperCities: YouTube Channel

The public HyperCities site – use this link to create projects in HyperCities

Holocaust Survivor Stories

Holocaust Survivor Stories

UCLA undergraduate student projects mapping the lives of Holocaust survivors, edited by Andy Trang and Patrick Tran. Download the KML ...

Tehran Election Protests video by Xarene Eskandar

Tehran Election Protests (2009) by Xarene Eskandar

A day-by-day mapping of the election protests of 2009 using social media and protestor reports.

Roman Inscriptions picture


A 4D project by Gregor Kalas with PI Diane Favro that visualizes statues and inscriptions in the late antique Roman Forum.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Bishamon radiation mapping


Radiation fall-out measurements from Fukushima. A project by Yoh Kawano and David Shepard, in collaboration with Niigata University.

Image of code for the stream daemon

Stream Daemon

Tool for sampling Twitter data by hashtags.

Photo of Yugo and Yoh

Photo Mapping of Tohoku, Japan

A photo mapping of the devastated regions of Tohoku Japan (December 2011), by Yoh Kawano and Yugo Shobugawa.

LA’s Historic Filipinotown

LA’s Historic Filipinotown

The “Historic Filipinotown” documentary in HyperCities, edited by Reanne Estrada and Mike Blockstein

Yoh's disccusion at Ted x UCLA on using Twitter to save lives

TEDx UCLA: Can Twitter Save Lives?

In the inaugural TEDx at UCLA, and on the wake of the Japan Disasters of 2011, Kawano speaks on the ...

Screen capture of Twitter Hashtag Graphs of the Arab Spring

Twitter Hashtag Graphs of the Arab Spring

Network visualizations by David Shepard of hashtags used in tweets from the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya (2011)

Map Library snapshot

Map Library

Hundreds of historical maps of cities viewable in Google Earth or other geo-browsers (copy and paste the KML network links).

Mapping twitter image

Mapping Twitter in Realtime

Ever wonder what twitter looks like on a map? This web visualization maps twitter in real time.

Snapshot of HyperCities source code

HyperCities Source Code

Code repository and documentation on GitHub for installing your own HyperCities.

Mapping Jewish LA

Mapping Jewish LA

Digital exhibitions on the history of Jewish LA, directed by Todd Presner and curated by Karen Wilson and  Caroline Luce.

In the evacation zone for Fukushima

Inside the Fukushima Evacuation Zone

Video documentation from inside the nuclear evacuation zone, a place where more than 170,000 people were forced to leave.

Photo of Vancouver: A Study of Modernist Urbanism

Vancouver: A Study of Modernist Urbanism

By: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe.  A digital companion published in Urban History on the visual discourses of planning in Vancouver, 1945-65

Rome Lab 3d modeling

Rome Lab

Directed by Chris Johanson (UCLA): A Virtual Worlds research project focused on Ancient Rome, built on the Unity Gaming Platform ...

Photo of A Tale of Two Castles by John Maciuika

A Tale of Two Castles by John Maciuika

A comparative architectural and cultural history of New York City’s Castle Clinton and Berlin’s Royal Castle Download the KML here: ...

The Berlin Palace and its Reconstructions, 1450-2020

The Berlin Palace and its Reconstructions, 1450-2020

By John Maciuika Download the KML here: http://hypercities.ats.ucla.edu/provider/collections/83171.kml Download the Google Earth tour here: http://hypercities.ats.ucla.edu/provider/earth/collections/83171.kml